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This app will aid you to choose kosher goods and drinks in any shop. Discover all the feasible merchandise allowed from the level of see of Jewish dietary laws…
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Raj Resorts

Raj Resorts Family owned Boutique Beach Resort – Offers homely comforts and luxurious accommodation. Great Value for Money! Nestled in the beauty and tranquility of Bogmalo, Goa is your friendly hostel, Raj Resorts. This boutique resort provides you the great comfort of 18 impeccably clean, spacious, air conditioned double/twin rooms, en-suite facilities, running hot and … Continue reading

Kosher In Miami

Food items that are Kosher Kosher caterers Miami are duly supervised by a Rabbi to make sure of the integrity of the food planning and processing. You can very easily locate Miami kosher caterers in this location. Parties are quite easy to prepare if you are properly-organized and you will discover this all in the … Continue reading

Program Focuses on Lighter Side of Jewish News

Oswego, NY (PRWEB) September 9, 2006 A new Jewish “radio” program on the Internet is out to prove that there’s plenty of good, positive news and the world’s Jewish community has an abundance of reasons to smile. JNewsLight, available online at at the click of a mouse anytime, on any computer with sound, … Continue reading

Kosher Present Baskets: Craft One particular for All Jewish Holidays

Pondering of the ideal existing to existing this Hanukkah? Then ditch the standard candle gift baskets and consider a search at making kosher gift baskets rather. This is a confident hearth method to make any Jewish celebration added enjoyable and festive. A good deal of individuals could not know this however Jews eat only foods … Continue reading